Notices of Temporary Disruptions


When facilities or services that persons with disabilities rely on in order to access our programs and services are temporarily disrupted, a notice must immediately be posted both on site and on our website advising of: the nature of the disruption, what measures are being undertaken to resolve the disruption and expected duration of the disruption. Examples of disruptions that might require notification include but not limited to: on-site elevator being unavailable; ramps being inaccessible due to weather or construction; automatic door openers being under repair.

When feasible, staff should contact affected clients in advance if they are aware that the circumstances have changed and might prevent the persons with disabilities ability to access the programs and services.

Each worksite is expected to conduct an accessibility audit to determine the degree of accessibility for clients with a variety of disabilities. This audit will help identify key facilities or services which might impact the ability of clients who are attempting to access our services. The results of the audit will be made available on our website and will be included in any promotional material. This will also highlight the key facilities or services that are necessary to ensure accessibility illustrated with the universal disability symbols. Disruption in the availability of this facility or service would trigger a disruption notification.

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