Support Persons


Persons with disabilities who use a support person are permitted to have their Support Person accompany them while accessing programs and services at WoodGreen. A Support Person is someone either hired or chosen to help a person with a disability with communication, personal care or medical needs. A Support Person can be a paid professional or a volunteer, family member or friend. If the client identifies their companion as a Support Person, WoodGreen will acknowledge them as such.

When providing services to a persons with disability who uses a support person, staff must speak directly to the person with a disability, and not the support person. Initial contact by staff must be made with the client; additional secondary or back-up information may be sought from the Support Person with the client’s permission. Additionally, when confidential information is going to be discussed, staff must confirm with the client that they are comfortable having this discussion in front of their support person. Program policies will determine if it is necessary for the client to sign a consent form permitting the discussion in the presence of the Support Person and if the Support Person would be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Where admission fees are charged for participation in a program or event, WoodGreen will provide notice in advance of what charge, if any, would be charged to the Support Person. Each program is responsible for making this decision based on the details of the program and event. If fees for the Support Persons are not identified in advance (listed on Site Accessibility Information), the Support Person is permitted to attend at no additional cost.

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